The Digital Skills Training Program Girls in Tech Day Bangladesh

Jul 1, 2021 | 0 comments

As part of Girls in Tech Day Bangladesh programme, the digital skills training programme will be conducted on 29 June 2021 from 13:30-16:35 Hrs (Dhaka time) after the Plenary and Launching of the Girls in Tech Day Bangladesh. The key stakeholders will include students, girls in tech and youths of Bangladesh.

The first session will provide a course from the UNICEF and on “Hour of Code”. The Hour of Code is a global campaign to encourage students, teachers, and parents to try a one-hour introduction to computer science with the goal of showing that anybody can learn the basics. Research shows vast benefits from learning computer science and coding skills at a young age. Beyond learning digital literacy, children who learn computer science and coding tend to excel in problem-solving, creativity, math, spatial and reasoning skills, and more. Organizations from around the world have created fun and engaging self-guided tutorials that can be used to participate in the Hour of Code.

The second session will invite students and girls in tech to join the ITU awareness Child Online Protection guidelines presentation. Online technologies present many possibilities for children and young people to communicate, learn new skills, be creative and contribute to establishing a better society. Protecting children is a common responsibility and it is up to all relevant stakeholders to ensure a sustainable future for all. For that to happen, policy-makers, the private sector, parents, carers, educators and other stakeholders, must ensure that children can fulfil their potential – online and offline. Parents, guardians, and educators also have a responsibility to ensure that children and young people are utilizing Internet sites safely and responsibly. In order to respond to these growing challenges in the face of rapid development of ICTs, the Child Online Protection (COP) Initiative, a multi-stakeholder international initiative launched by ITU in November 2008, continues to bring partners together from all sectors of the global community to create a safe and empowering online experience for children and young people around the world. It sets out guidelines for all relevant stakeholders including children and young people in all parts of the world on how to keep themselves and others safe online.

All sessions will be delivered in English.

Provisional Agenda

13:30-13:35; Opening and Introductions

  • JiEun Lee – UNICEF Regional Office (ROSA)

13:35-13:40; Group Photo Session

13:40-15:40; Hour of Code by UNICEF and

  • Moderator: Ms. Achia Nila, Managing Director, Women in Digital

Session 1: Introduction to Hour of Code challenge – South Asia and Bangladesh


  • Mr. Frank Van Cappelle, UNICEF ROSA – 5min
  • Mr. Mohammed Rafiqul Islam, UNICEF Bangladesh – 5 min
  • Ms. Ani Junnatul Ferdosh, a2i Education Officer – 5min
  • Mr. Jake Bell, APAC Partnership Manager, – 20 min

Session 2: Interactive mini-workshop on coding

  • Facilitator: Ms. Adiba Hasan, Computer Science and Engg. student
  • Co-facilitator: Ms. Faria Binte Kader, Computer Science and Engg. student


15:40-16:10; Presentation on Awareness of Child Online Protection Guidelines by ITU

  • Moderator: Ms. Rury Demsey, ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
  • Facilitator: Ms. Cheng Yu, ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

16:10-16:40; Coffee Break-out session with Ms. Achia Nila, Managing Director, Women in Digital -meet and greet and ask questions about how girls can get involved

16:40.16:45; Closing