Girls GetIT: A series of Online Training and Bootcamp

Apr 20, 2021

In Celebration of 10th Anniversary of the International Girls in ICT Day And Hari Kartini National Women Empowerment Day

21 – 30 April 2021

Organised by ITU and Cisco

International Girls in ICT Day, celebrated worldwide every year on the fourth Thursday of April, is an opportunity for all girls and young women to see and experience technology in a whole new light. This year’s celebration, which falls on 22 April 2021, is also a 10th celebration of this global initiative. This week, on 21 April, Indonesia celebrates Hari Kartini, a national civic women empowerment day, enshrining the vision of girls’ being free to forge ahead towards whatever goals they are aspired to.
As a backdrop, gender gaps in participation in digital life persists globally. Girls and women generally have less access to technology and the internet compared to boys and men. Situation in developing countries girls and women have to struggle to afford technology and internet access. Additionally, they are more likely to be excluded from engaging meaningfully in ICT because of stereotypes around technology being ‘for boys’, and the general discrimination against girls adn women.
ICT is a growing field in education and a fast expanding sector. Still, highly skilled girls and young women who are a minority when it comes to Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and ICT. For Indonesia itself, they make up 59% of all graduates, but only 35% in technology degrees graduates, and even less, only 18% make it to senior management positions.

Resonating this call for change, the immortalized spirit of Ibu Kartini dares girls to dream big and live to pursue it. This is a calling for girls to break through the boundaries to explore and pursue education, career, and leadership in the ICT world.
With that in mind, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in collaboration with Cisco Indonesia, celebrates the International Girls in ICT Day and Hari Kartini Day by organising a “Series of online Training and Bootcamp entitled Girls GetIT”, from 19-30 April 2021. This is held in cooperation with the Woman Rock IT initiative, CISCO’s CSR programme, and in conjunction with the “Girls in ICT, a 10 years celebration in Indonesia” event organised by United Nations Indonesia on 22 April 2021.


The series of training and Bootcamp is being organised with the expectation:

  • to inspire Indonesian future generations to become technology leaders and active participants of the digital world regardless gender, race, background or preference;
  • to create a meaningful shift towards addressing the gender digital divide; and
  • to promote the meaningful utilisation of ICT for progress while mitigating its perils, particularly among girls and young women.

At the completion of this series of training and Bootcamp the girls have the opportunity to further explore and pursue more topics that could lead to certified competence in ICT.


Cisco Networking Academy will offer online self-paced courses, along with a virtual workshop, organised in Bahasa Indonesia, to support participants of the program. The programs are:

  1. Online Training on Basic ICT and Cybersecurity (Annex 1). This is a self-paced training in Bahasa Indonesia.
  2. Girls Bootcamp in ICT- Virtual Workshops (Annex 2). This is a more structured training programme on ICT topics to be conducted by Cisco Network Academy. For this programme Cisco Indonesia will provide Bahasa Indonesia technical coaches to guide participating girls to engage in the programme assignments more intensively both during and in-between training sessions.


21-30 April: Online self-paced training begins


21 April, 09:00 -12:00: Introduction to basic ICT and digital security, as part of the “Hari Kartini Day”, a national civic celebration of women empowerment


21 April, 16:00: Presentation and dissemination of the training programme in the NGOPI-PB (Broadcasted Disaster Management Smart Talk)


22 April, 11.00: Women Rock IT Live world wide broadcast


26-30 April: Girls Bootcamp in ICT

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Target Group

The course audience for these training programs are primary and high school students in Indonesia. Online self-paced training is in Bahasa languages, and the workshop will be held in Bahasa Indonesia.


Registration should be made online at the link above, For more information on the training courses, you can visit the training course webpage here.
Please note that online registration should be done before 25 April 2021.


An online certificate of completion will be awarded by CISCO to participants that have successfully completed the training courses.


ITU: Ms. Rury Demsey, Project Officer,
CISCO: Adri Gautama,