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International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated worldwide every year on the fourth Thursday of April (23 April 2020), which is an opportunity for girls and young women to see and experience technology in a whole new light. To date, over 377,000 girls and young women have taken part in more than 11,400 celebrations of International Girls in ICT Day in 171 countries worldwide.

There will be tens of millions of jobs for people with advanced digital skills in the coming years. Despite the apparent benefits, many girls never even consider a career in ICTs. At the same time, many companies are looking to increase the number of women in the sector. The ICT sector is a growing sector for employment in both developed and developing countries. This means that highly qualified women in technical fields around the world have significant opportunities available to them. These are excellent opportunities in particular for highly skilled women who are still a minority when it comes to STEM education and careers. Encouraging girls in ICT is hence a requirement.

2021 Theme: Connected Girls, Creating Brighter Futures

While girls across the world tend to outperform boys in reading and writing skills, they continue to be under-represented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Through International Girls in ICT Day, we work with partners build awareness about the gender digital divide, support technology education and skills training, and encourage more girls and young women to actively pursue careers in STEM. 

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